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  •    Easy Installation Reduces Site Labor

Panels are “installer-friendly”, installed quickly and easily by unskilled labor using hand tools.

  •    Time/Cost Saving

Combines tie beams, columns, headers, jambs, insulation, and lintels into one easily managed lightweight panel offering realistic savings of more than 50%.

  •  Energy Efficient

Panels have a minimum R-20 thermal insulation, substantially reducing heating and cooling cost.

  •  Noise Levels Reduction

Provides excellent sound insulation.

  •  Great Strength

Panels can support tile roofs & 2-4 story high structures, as well as curtain walls in hi-rises.

  •  No Site Waste

Reduces clean-up cost.

  •  Reduction of Maintenance Costs

Impervious to rot, vermin, termites, corrosion, and climatic changes.

Major Advantages of the ISC Steel Panel System

ISC structures are engineered to withstand sustained winds of one hundred fifty miles per hour, as well as exceeding required fire ratings, and are highly resistant to water damage, storm damage, and earth quakes. Our panels do not support the growth of fungus, microorganisms or bacteria, and have no nutritional value for pests.


The ISC Steel Panel System is customized to exact Architectural drawings and specifications and can be used for below grade wall systems as well as structural floor, wall and roof systems. The panels are composed of 18-gauge steel tubing which provides the structural support, with “U Rails” at the top and the bottom. This is all constructed with a polystyrene insulation core. The bottom Channel is secured with anchor bolts and steel straps which are connected to the walls and trusses. This assembly results in a wall exponentially stronger than conventional concrete block or 2x4 wood walls. 

Below are just a few benefits of the ISC Steel Panel Building System:

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