Five major areas of focus.


  1. Development of communities and building homes. Presently our work is centered in Africa.

  2. Construction of commercial, industrial, and retail structures.

  3. Agricultural production programs with an emphasis on integrated production systems.

  4. Coordinating funding of projects in developing markets.

  5. Additionally, we have partnered with a company to develop, produce and install alternative power production including but not limited to solar, geothermal, solid waste and waste water.. This opportunity is now enveloped into our projects and construction providing electrical power for operations with no need to utilize on grid power sources.

Housing and Commercial Development and Construction


The company’s primary construction product is a high quality, highly energy efficient proprietary panelized and truss building system. The building process is affordable, environmentally sound, and efficient. ISC uses 18 gauge steel and expanded polystyrene for the walls panels. The roofs may use the panels, steel trusses, steel joists or a combination of both. Our energy efficient insulated panels provide unsurpassed quality, durability and strength for affordable, middle-income, and high-end homes and all forms of commercial applications at a comparably lower cost than standard block and wood structures.

Advantages in Building with the ISC System


  1. Expanded Polystyrene insulation is inert. EPS will not support biological growth. Therefore, there is high resistance to mold and mildew.

  2. Withstands winds up to 150 miles per hour (240 Kilometers).

  3. Reduces heating and cooling costs by 50% or more.

  4. Reduces heating and cooling capacity need by 30% or more.

  5. Cost effective construction system, reduces construction labor cost and on site theft of building material.

  6. Reduces build time up to 40%.

  7. Twenty years of testing at the University of Minnesota provides data that the “R” value of EPS remains constant.

  8. Non-toxic. No CFCs, HFCs and VOCs.

  9. Resistant to mold and mildew.

  10. Homes made from EPS reinforced steel panels are stronger than traditional wood or concrete block structures.

  11. Our steel is coated with zinc and is highly resistant to rust.

  12. Door and window openings and electrical runs are pre-engineered to your specifications.

  13. Class one fire rated (steel and EPS are not combustible)

  14. Five Star Plus Energy Efficient builders achieve scores above 90 when using this system.

  15. No termite or insect infestation as EPS has no nutritional value.

  16. A typical building envelope requires 3 trained people with a material handler with a twenty foot boom about three to four days to complete an installation.

  17. 100% recyclable Green Products.

  18. Panels are without designed limitations and can be used in most commercial applications.



Alternative Power Production


We recently added a strategic and functional business partner with expansive experience and technology in alternative electricity production. This ranges from, but is not limited to solar, bio mass, waste utilization and geo thermal. We have the ability to add alternative production or engineer and integrate the services and technology into the design process.


Road Construction


International Road Developers is the the exclusive road system builder using Supercrete for concrete and asphalt roads.