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Douala Cameroon

About Us

Our major areas of focus.


  1. Development of communities and building homes. Presently our work is in central Africa.

  2. Provide construction of commercial, industrial, and retail structures.

  3. Coordinating funding of projects in developing markets.

Bob Richardson


Mr. Richardson brings over 25 years of commercial and investment banking experience.  He has overseen the daily operations since 2015. Prior to ISC, he specialized in commercial real estate lending and management.  He enjoys negotiating business deals, due diligence
and project development. 


Emmanuel Okro
Project Engineer

Lagos Nigeria


Mr. Okoro attended Federal University of Technology Owerri (B.Eng civil Engineering) 1987 to 1992


Mr.  Okoro’s reasonability’s are contractual and commercial input to engineering projects. He works closely with all levels of third party management,  engineers and field operation staff. He sets up project procedures and relevant quality forms, completes preliminary feasibility assignments, contract documentation. He also completes works and service procurement (Tender process) along with structural Integrity assessments and project site supervision. 


He presents technical presentations to major clients

He is skilled in Auto CAD, Mat Lab, MS office, Presentation skills etc.



Nigeria institute of safety professionals (Level 3)

Mastering Bitumen for better road innovation and applications.

Institute of Non destructive testing (Level 2)

Ronald Clifford

Project Coordinator 

Mr. Clifford has more than 30 years of active experience producing mechanical, electrical and structural plans for residential construction.  He has experience in land excavation, land planning, utility construction, and building construction as well as a project management. 

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